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Live Coding Session 20 - bare metal

When: Thursday September 2nd, 2021 - 4:00 PM Europe/Berlin

Topic: Instead of a linux distribution, this time we will create a bare metal build and run it in qemu.


An example recipe for building a baremetal “Hello, World” Application to be run on QEMU is shipped right with poky. It is located in the meta-skeleton layer and supports those architectures:

In order to build, TCLIBC must be set to either baremetal or newlib, we used baremetal. A baremetal application substatially differs from a standard userland application visibly as it brings at least a rudimentary startup routine which is usually written in assembly and a custom linker script that makes sure all important pieces end up in exactly the memory locations that the platform needs.

Usecases for doing this in Yocto might be:



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Yocto Livecoding - bare metal